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    « Jour et nuit louons Dieu »

    Yom velayla haleluya

    Melech melech adonay
    Melech melech elohay
    hu moshia vemagen
    Magen Israel
    Machzikeynu beyado
    Ki anu amo
    hu noten lanu chayim
    Anu sharim
    Yom velayla haleluya

    King of kings and Lord of lords
    King of kings wont let us fall
    He’s our savior He’s our shield
    Davids shield saves Israel
    Always keeps us in His hand
    Cause we’re His nation till the end
    Gave us freedom gave us life
    Lets praise Him all the time
    Day and night sing haleluya

    • Michelle d'Astier de la Vigerie   •     Author

      Merci pour tous ces magnifiques chants

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